About the European Scientists’ Open Letters

This website hosts open letters from European scientists, medical and veterinary health professionals with expertise in the risks posed by lead ammunition to the health of humans, wildlife and the wider environment.

The first open letter from 2018 is written in support of restrictions on the use of lead ammunition, primarily for the Annex XV restriction proposal prepared by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the European Commission and the REACH process.

The Appendix to the letter provides a summary of risks from lead ammunition with references to (i) evidence, (ii) consumer guidance on game meat consumption, and (iii) relevant policy initiatives.

The 54 European scientists, medical and veterinary health professional signatories are from 17 European Countries (15 EU and 2 EFTA countries).

The second open letter from 2020 is written due to concerns about both delays in the REACH process in consideration of restrictions of lead ammunition and circulating misinformation. Moreover, it is written to provide updates on the science of both the problem of lead ammunition’s toxicity to humans and animals, and the solution of non-toxic ammunition.

The 75 European and other scientists, medical and veterinary health professional signatories represent 18 countries of which 13 are European.

In addition to supporting this REACH/ECHA process, in 2014 European Scientists produced a Scientific Consensus Statement on the issue and need for transition to non-toxic ammunition. This complements the North American Scientists’ Scientific Consensus Statement produced in 2013.

REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals.